Perfectly Perfect Gin Pesto

Pesto is one of those things that is conceptually super simple, but can somehow end up being an overarching term for any green, basil-based condiment. I recently rewatched Salt Fat Acid Heat again, and seeing Samin Nosrat with Lidia, grinding together pine nuts and fresh basil in a mortar and pestle in the mountains of … Continue reading Perfectly Perfect Gin Pesto

7 Tips for a Perfect Crudités Platter

To be completely honest, I've always been a little scared to try and assemble a board, because they always seems much more fancy and elegant than I've ever considered myself to be, but they're actually incredibly easy! The hardest part really is just finding the right kind (and size) of tray for what you need. … Continue reading 7 Tips for a Perfect Crudités Platter