Pikliz – Haitian Pickled Cabbage

You guys - I'm not even going to try to come up with some kind of story to put in front of this recipe, but there is nothing I could come up with that would do this recipe justice. It's just a fact, so please forgive me. Pikliz (pick-lees) is the Haitian style of pickled … Continue reading Pikliz – Haitian Pickled Cabbage

Epis – Haitian Marinade and Cooking Base

Let's just jump right to the good news - Andy started watching True Blood! I know that most of you don't really know me well enough to know my tv preferences, but let me just tell you that anything HBO-related is a pretty safe bet. And True Blood is certainly no exception. I'm not really … Continue reading Epis – Haitian Marinade and Cooking Base